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Honor your profession..

Refrain, if the slightest doubt darkens the transparency of your intervention.

Worship the truth. Act with prudence..

Study with passion. Advise with loyalty..

Be inspired by equity. Adhere to law..

Practice with dignity..

Remember that your mission is “to avoid conflict between human beings”.

Decalogue of the function of Notary Public.
Santiago Bibiloni
“The Clerk has a highly professional way of
working, and quality of service they offer make
fully trust them for day to day our company”.

Santiago Bibi
Director of Balloon Group
José Gettas
“The Clerk has a highly professional way of working,
and quality of service they offer make fully trust them
for day to day our company”.

José Gettas
Fernando Boullon
Carina is an excellent professional with the highest values ​​of integrity and deep understanding.
Turn your recommendations were always spot
on and timely. I recommend Carina to notarial activities.”

Fernando Boullon
Director at Quality
Roxana Fernandez
“We are grateful for the collaboration in solving
I show equity issue, as well as their treatment”.

Roxana Fernandez


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